Week 1

So we begin! The first step for developing African Passages, Lowcountry Adaptations (APLA) is to establish a workflow plan. Based on the exhibition outline from our grant application to the Humanities Council SC, we have identified the exhibition sections and subsections. Our next step is to draft exhibition text for each section, as well as begin to identify multimedia materials (images of archival photographs, artifacts, landscapes, documents, audio files, maps, etc.) relevant to each section. The drafting process will also allow us to see what information is missing or could be more efficiently organized (for example today I decided to make a separate Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade subsection to give broader context of the trade, before going into the subsection on Charleston as the dominant North American port during the slave trade).  The idea is to prepare the “raw materials” of the exhibition that we will later lay out in Drupal 7. Once I have completed drafting the first exhibition section, I will set up wireframes to imagine how we will lay out the text with the multimedia materials, and we can see what red flags come up for technology needs or text length, etc. before drafting the next exhibition sections.

Also we set up this blog today to keep track of our progress with the exhibition. Heather made the banner from images of archival artifacts relevant to the history of slavery in the Carolina Lowcountry from the Avery Research Center’s Artifact Collection at the Lowcountry Digital Library. Thanks Heather!


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